Promotional Umbrella With Logo

Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrella promotional gifts

The promotional branded umbrellas as a mature option for brands to use the umbrella as a promotional gift for continuous exposure and, during events, as a tool to capture the attention of visitors.

Outdoor promotional umbrella can not only shelter from the wind and rain, but also shade the sun! It is a popular move to hand out promotional umbrellas at the time of an event as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign. These umbrellas can be distributed in railway stations, commercial streets, event sponsorships, on-site events and other occasions, as a companion to activities.



With us, your design options are endless. The impact of a quality promotional product, that has been thought out well, can last. Bring your branding to life with our high quality printed umbrellas – from golf to telescopic, we can print nearly any umbrella type.

Youchi are a manufacturer of high quality promotional and retail umbrellas. Our custom-made umbrellas are guaranteed to bring your brand identity to life.

We use the latest printing and manufacturing technology to give you highly customised promotional umbrellas. We also manufacture all our umbrella merchandise in our factory, where graphics are printed prior to construction. You, therefore have endless options for the perfect brand design and logo.

Alternatively, we offer numerous branding options for your canopy, shaft and handle. We give you the opportunity to select from various engraved handles to lovely embroidered labels. There are also several packaging labels as well as numerous colours to personalise your umbrella. Our variety of styles will suit your needs from bespoke folding umbrellas to large promotional golf umbrellas.

We offer free personalised umbrella design service, so email us for a chance to bring your creative designs to life. If you have any original ideas, talk to us or better yet, try our design layouts to personalise your umbrella.