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Why Choose Youchi Bulk Custom Umbrellas – Professional & Efficient

Providing Services According To Consumer Needs

Youchi umbrella industry to provide custom printed umbrellas services for customers, according to the sample requirements provided by customers, in accordance with the sample of various styles of rain gear, for many well-known brands to provide services. With 31 years of development history, the company’s production team has a clear division of labor, overall planning, in the umbrella industry has a strong accumulation, can provide customers with nanny-type service.


Youchi can provide customers with a large number of custom made umbrella on time, and we are very happy to create unique custom printed umbrellas with logo for customers.

A detailed process of the entire OEM process is as follows:

  1. Service consultation, including clarifying requirements, determining design plans, and signing contracts.
  2. Production and management: production design delivery, quality control, inspection.
  3. Product service: quality problem handling, after-sales service.
    We are committed to providing warm service so that customers can feel full of love after using our umbrella.

Our gift customization service, according to the customer’s requirements for functionality and design, research and development, production and production, product molding, customers directly paste the brand to buy. With the absolute advantage of technology and efficiency, Youchi has also served Disney, McDonald’s and other international brands.
Youchi umbrella industry is the only promotional logo umbrella manufacturer with the most complete industrial chain from steel rolling, plastic to umbrella bone, fabric, etc. From receiving orders to delivery, our delivery cycle can be shortened by at least 30%.