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Corporate Umbrellas | Custom Umbrellas with Logo
What better way to get your brand noticed than with a corporate umbrella? With a large imprint, your message or logo will be hard to miss!

Stop and think about it, do you remember the last time you went to an outdoor event without an umbrella? Look in the back seat, we bet there’s one in your car!

Corporate umbrellas are thoughtful gifts for employees or clients that help promote your business or school. Rainy days never have to be a bad time with a custom umbrella handy featuring your logo. And don’t forget about using umbrellas as sun protection!

Custom umbrellas with your logo range from personal, or one person umbrellas, to a golf umbrella for a crowd of 4 people on average. Lots of our clients prefer folding umbrellas with their logo for everyday carry, rain or shine. And don’t forget umbrellas with the auto open feature!

Youchi provides a wide selection of premium Umbrella styles stocked locally for immediate logo printed orders normally shipped within a few business days—as well as factory-direct offshore production services for larger volume logo printed orders, Customized Design Signature Umbrella brand marketing programs and licensed-design wholesale merchandising programs.

Youchi customers benefit from our 35+ years as a specialized Umbrella importer, with B2B pricing discounts and wholesale services—and our volume-buying assures great value for small-or-large local, national or international orders.


Rain or shine, you can always count on umbrellas with logos. This accessory can provide you with protection from the rain or heat of the sun. Some umbrellas are small enough to fit into your bag so you can be ready for a sudden outpour. There are also big ones that can fit more than 2 people.


The earliest reference to a collapsible umbrella dates back to the year 21 AD when Mang Wang designed one for a ceremonial four-wheeled carriage. In China, umbrellas became a distinctive mark of rank. Emperors in imperial Japan, Indian princes, Assyrians, and Persians also used umbrellas to denote rank. In some religious ceremonies, umbrellas were associated with free worship.


Quality imprinted umbrellas offer businesses an affordable advertising medium. Compared to billboards or newspaper advertisements, umbrellas require only a minimal investment. For a little less than what you will spend on billboards or newspaper advertisements, you can get your marketing campaign going.


Custom umbrellas will suit people of all ages. They will be appealing throughout the year protecting the recipient from the forces of nature. As an advertising medium, they are effective since they will be used on a daily basis. Umbrellas are excellent as a corporate giveaway during campaigns or trade show freebies at trade shows. Often, umbrellas are given away as part of a promo from business establishments.


Umbrellas with logos serve as walking advertisements for your business. People will be using umbrellas to protect them from the rain or sun. Whenever they use the printed umbrella, they will see your logo and easily remember it. Umbrellas make an excellent giveaway during corporate events or trade shows. They are also the perfect gift to employees.


Personalized umbrellas provide enough space for customization. Add your logo or slogan to boost awareness of your brand. Umbrellas come in different sizes so you can choose the best one that will represent your brand. No logo yet? We can help create the perfect logo and umbrella designs that will help boost your brand.