Product Introduction

All the personalized umbrella customization you want, promotional umbrella customization, can be realized here. If you have special customized requests, please contact us, fast, efficient, quality guaranteed!

Youchi, supply different umbrella customized service. We use the powerful and lightweight fiberglass material for the ribs and shafts of our premium Youchi Umbrellas. The fiberglass material allows for more durability and longevity to withstand fast and powerful wind gusts. The fabric of the umbrella mainly includes pongee fabric, polyester silver fabric and pongee black UV fabric. Using these fabrics, the umbrella is often flat and drops of water run off quickly after rain. Pongee fabric feels soft and extremely textured. Polyester silver fabric and pongee black UV fabric have an anti-ultraviolet function to filter out the summer heat. The umbrellas handles are made of wood, PVC, EVA etc comfortable non-slip material. The opening method of the umbrella is also easy one-hand auto open function opens and closes fast and easy.

230 styles

Customized all types of umbrella

  • Golf/Walking Umbrella
  • Folding Umbrella
  • Inverted Umbrella
  • Custom Umbrella
  • Wood Handle Umbrella
  • Clear Umbrella
  • Children Umbrella
  • Squirt Umbrella


UMBRELLA CUSTOMIZATION Youchi help make your business leave a lasting impression with umbrellas unlike any other. We have been collaborating for many years with businesses, bringing the perfect shade to hotels, restaurants, country clubs and other businesses worldwide. 25 years experience for custom umbrellas and umbrella manufacturing, a variety of styles of umbrella models for you to select, including straight umbrellas, folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas etc. that can be adapted to various occasions.You can provide LOGO, company name,TEXT, print on a certain surface of the umbrella, or provide a picture to cover the entire surface of the umbrella or the inside of the umbrella, both can be customized

AboutYouchi Umbrella

Welcome to Youchi Umbrellas. We are umbrella wholesalers, manufacturers and importers offering high quality umbrellas to help you maximize profit for your business. Whether you are looking for wholesale rain umbrellas to sell or logo umbrella designs for promotional purposes, we have a large selection of wholesale umbrellas at affordable prices to meet your needs.

Why sell umbrellas?

Easy to sell, everyone needs an extra or new umbrella.
Visible graphic makes it great for promotions.
High perceived value makes it an excellent margin for profit.

grooming FAQ’s

Where is your factory?

Our factory is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, and has passed ISO9001 certification and EU CE certification. The factory of Youchi Umbrella has its own production line for nearly two decades.

Please pay attention to the following matters when sending works:
The file must be editable formats, such as .PS,. AI, .EPS, .pdf, etc.
Send all important graphics above 300 DPI, such as JPEG and bit graphic logo.
Convert all fonts to curves and outlines.
Select the CMYK color mode to print.
When developing and printing content, 1/8 of the edges are retained at all edges.

certainly. Most of the custom umbrellas provided on our website have a variety of colors to choose from. Check each product to view the color options that can be used for fabric color.

We try to print umbrellas into the same color as other brand materials, but we cannot guarantee 100%because the carving technology used on clothing is different.

No, we do not have the minimum requirements.